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05-08-2008, 09:14 AM
This just came across my e-mail and thought I would throw this out there. I have always thought Halifax was too good for the ABA. These guys have tons of sponsors, strong community support and very strong management. I think the D-League should take a long look at Halifax.


(Halifax, N.S.) The NBA Developmental League’s President, Dan Reed, expressed great feelings about Halifax to team owners during his visit on Tuesday May 7th. “He was very impressed with the warmth and the hospitality Nova Scotians showed him yesterday,” said Rainmen President Andre Levingston.

Reed was in the province for an on-site visit as part of the Rainmen’s application to become an expansion team in the NBADL. Reed was greeted at the airport by children from St. Patrick’s Alexander, the school that was home for Rainmen practises last season. The president then visited province house and met with government officials who vowed to give their support to the team’s efforts. In the afternoon the VP of Trade Centre Limited, Scott Ferguson, gave a tour of the Metro Centre which was buzzing with hockey excitement for this week’s IIHF Championships.

“It was a great week for NBADL to visit. The IIHF tournament is a perfect example of how the Metro Centre and the Trade Centre can host world class events. We know we are the perfect location for an expansion team, and Mr. Reed seemed very pleased with what he saw,” said Ferguson. “Halifax is an all-events town, and the Metro Centre is the hub where it all happens.”

Reed witnessed the facility in action by taking in yesterday’s match-up between Finland and Slovakia. Last night the Rainmen’s corporate advisory board and special guests attended a dinner for Reed, hosted by Trade Centre Limited at Window’s Restaurant. “Our corporate partners are phenomenal, they have been there to help the Rainmen every step of the way”.

Team owners, Andre Levingston and David Dobbin wanted to show Reed three elements of support: community, government and corporate. “I know this city has everything to offer the NBADL, and I am confident they will grant us an expansion team,” said Levingston.

Levingston and Dobbin fly to New York on Tuesday May 13th to continue the full court press for entry into the D-League for this coming season. “Whatever they want us to do, we’ll do it. Halifax is ready for the NBADL, and I know the fans will support a league of this stature and stability.”

05-08-2008, 11:48 AM
I don't know for sure, I could be wrong.

Is the D-League out making a market analysis to decide on placing in Halifax, or do they simply want someone to pay a franchise fee? I suspect the latter... though Halifax may be a special case because of their distance from everywhere else.