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04-13-2008, 01:11 AM
Most of my posts have pretty much been confined to the Thunderbirds team thread, but I wanted to post my thoughts on this league.

To get straight to the point, if the league stays the way it is now, it will never be THE second league to the NBA in this world.

The NBDL is filled with two types of people: 1. The type of players that are VERY close to the NBA and 2. The type of players that have no chance of making the NBA and aren't good enough to play overseas.

The salaries in the D-League are so low that the ONLY reason a player would play in the league is because of that chance of being called-up. Either that or because you can't play overseas and just want to continue playing.

I'll take my Thunderbirds as an example. Tony Bland, Joe Shipp, Marcus Douthit, Dijon Thompson and Andreas Glyniadakis. Some of the bigger names from the past couple seasons. They were a good, solid team. Heck, they won the championship. What are the chances of seeing them all in Albuquerque? I'm not a math major, but not very good.

In all reality the only player with a DECENT chance of making the NBA (and that boat may have sailed) is Dijon Thompson. The other guys are solid, but I think they have faced reality and realized the NBA is now out of reach. So why stick around the D-League and make 20 or MAYBE 30k a season when you can go overseas and make a couple hundred thousand a year? It makes no sense for them to play here...

Until the D-League and the NBA work out this whole "minor league" system, all the good, solid players will continue to travel overseas and play there. It makes absolutely no financial sense to stay here and play when you can get the much bigger contracts somewhere else.

The D-League is more of a feeder to the International Market moreso than the NBA...

Just my 2 cents...

04-14-2008, 09:46 AM
...but as long as the NBA is profiting from those sales to Europe, the current structure is very likely how this is going to remain.

I've said this before- the NBA wants the best development league in the world, not the second best league overall. Otherwise, they may not even end up having the best league overall some years down the pike.

06-06-2008, 07:31 AM
Here is a nice piece about the direction the D-League is moving. Pretty soon the top players will by pass college all together.