View Full Version : Bright and young vs old stalwarts

03-21-2008, 11:02 PM
After starting this basketball season in the CBA and ending it in the PBL I have seen some of the minor leagues brightess young coaches around. Arkansas' Todd Day has revived Nolan Richardson's "forty minutes of hell" with the relentless pressing and trapping that he was a part of in college. Maryland's Lawerence Moten does a very good job of letting players be who they are while adding structure here and there. This was very evident in how he dealt with And 1's Randy Gill, Gill scored points within the realm of the offense while still doing his thing if they needed it. Quad City coach La Troy Farrow did a wonderful job in the areas of preparation and in game coaching. My biggest surprise was Chicago's Donnie Boyce. I was an assistant coach to Donnie during some of his time in the CBA where he was a shoot first ask questions next week type. He has developed in to a teacher. He is very patient and even with the players. He is detail in his delivery, and showed some innovative offensive sets. The D-League's Brian Gates continues to show why he was very successful last season. Brian started from ground zero and always was looking to learn and that is why he is where he is today. The CBA has two not necessarily young coaches but up and coming ones. Pittsburgh's Carlos Knox is cool, calm and collected under pressure and relates to the nowaday player well. I was taught to look for passion in the person by two well respected individuals, Larry Creager of the Southern California Summer Pro League and former Bill Sharman Assistant w/ the Lakers, and my former boss Jerry West. Micheal Ray Richardson is one passionate individual, maybe sometimes too passionate, but believes in what he is doing and has done a hell of a job. The next three guys are three of the best in the minor league business in the last five years as evidenced by their records. I know because I worked for all three. Someone please explain why the varsity (NBA) or the jr varsity (NBADL) has not taken a good look at these three guys, Yakama's Paul Woolpert, Minot's Chris Daleo, Rochester's Rod Baker, these guys are teachers first winners second. Paul Woolpert is the most detailed coach I have been around. Hell,I think he might have a touch of a complusive disorder because he is precise and to the point. He read the rule book like the holy grail. Chris is a different dude who cares about winning and cares about people undercover. Chris is a different guy who enjoys being different. He gives players a guide and then lets them figure the way along. Once you leave Daleo you have learned something about accountabilty. Rod Baker is a wonderful orator. His delivery is flawless and he gets his points across without raising his voice often. He is a true teacher of life and basketball. These guys are poster children for something called developmental basketball period. Great job this year to all of you guys, new and used.