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03-06-2008, 02:10 PM
I just got back from Chicago and I have to tell you all that I was nothing but impressed with the way the Showcase went. It was well run, very well organized, and I met some of the nicest guys on the planet. The only "glitch" was when yesterday's first game was delayed by half hour because the bus got stuck in traffic. Scouts were in attendance, there were some fantastic games, (no wonder my voice is shot) and I have to tell you all that not only are there solid players in the league, but there are some outstanding coaches out there.

This league gets it. They treat their players well, the owners are happy and they know how to treat people. To a man not one negative thing was said about the league by coaches or players. Joe Newman keeps trying to belittle the PBL but guess what? This league is solid, the structure is there and it has great potential. Are there some issues? Of course there are but there are in every league. Remember, Tom and Sev put this league together in TEN months!! 99 percent of the games have been played despite some ownership issues.

Tom, Sev, Carrie and Mark, you guys did a FANTASTIC job with the Showcase. I tried to look for things that were wrong and I simply couldn't find a thing. Keep this up and the league will be a long term success.

Now, I need a serious nap. Doing the broadcasts for six games in three days and doing the scorers table for the other five has me seeing triple right now.

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03-07-2008, 11:29 AM
I thought it was interesting that BS floated by Baghdad Joe started at the Showcase. The D-League also has a showcase every season, but does that mean that they are in trouble? Of course not.

I'm glad to see a league like the PBL succeed like they are doing right now. Once the CBA-PBL merger is complete and the ABA Northeast teams defect to the merged league, maybe we'll see the end of the ABA. The decent ABA teams in the west (except Beijing-Singapore, of course) can join the IBL, which seems to be more of a west coast league at the moment.